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Retirement Solutions

Since the mid 1980’s, ECS International has been acting as pension trustees and providing administration and consultancy services to pension schemes located in Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and further afield.

With average life expectancy now approaching 80 years of age and the ever increasing complex nature of pension legislation, it is essential that pension trustees, administrators, employers and scheme members have the relevant expertise available to them.

ECS International has many years’ experience in dealing with pensions on both domestic and international levels. Our pension consultancy and administration team along with our investment in suitable information technology enables us to provide the optimum solutions for your business.

Gibraltar Imported Pensions / QROPS

Laws introduced in 2012 mean that Gibraltar is a leading jurisdiction for the provision of QROPS solutions with favourable taxation relating to payment of benefits.

Other Retirement Solutions available include


ECS International Group has two primary locations from which it trades. The trading company ECS International Limited registered in Gibraltar and the trading company Baker Tilly Isle of Man in the Isle of Man respectively. The two corporate entities are regulated by the appropriate authorities in the jurisdictions in which they are registered.

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It must also be understood that the ECS international Group (either of the companies) cannot provide clients with detailed taxation advice as we cannot be aware of the full circumstances of an individual’s taxation affairs. The ECS International Group may, where it has specifically agreed to do so in writing, provide specific taxation advise relating to the taxation liabilities of the entities provided to the client in the jurisdictions in which those entities are registered. Notwithstanding the written agreement to provide this advice, the ECS International Group reserves the right to retain the of specialist taxation advisers to assist in the provision of any such advice that it has agreed to provide. The cost of these specialist advisers will be borne by the client.

Clients must not interpret anything written or spoken by the ECS International Group (Staff, Officers or associated companies) in such a way that infers that the ECS International Group (and/or its staff, officers, associated companies) has given investment advice and/or taxation advice. Clients wishing to obtain such advice must retain the services of properly qualified advisers.

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